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    24 hour control of the health
    of your loved ones, with non-invasive systems

A watchful eye always at home

SENIOR S.r.l. is an innovative startup that was born with the main objective of creating automated monitoring and assistance systems for people (especially the elderly) who need to be monitored in and around their homes

For who?

All those people (especially the elderly) who need to be monitored in and around their homes, especially for those who living alone which can often be subject to domestic accidents or illnesses. These accidents and illnesses, if identified promptly, allow rapid interventions. In this way it is possible to activate a whole series of measures and countermeasures to prevent the health of the monitored subjects from being compromised.

Smart Sensors

It deals with processing the information coming from various elementary sensors normally scattered in the home, in order to extrapolate behaviors and relative ranges of variability. Today it is possible to realize the model of environmental intelligence for the realization of the "vitality sensor" thanks to the adoption of international standards and in particular the zigbee 3.0 specification.


From the processing of sensory data collected, through the implementation of proprietary algorithms, it is possible to formulate habitual schemes for the detection of pre-alarm or alarm conditions. These conditions are reported directly to the user or to those involved in the "surveillance" of the monitored person, whether they are family members or health personnel. The ability of the system to learn habits can also be useful for identifying behavioral changes due to the intake of a new drug.

Security and privacy under control

All the information necessary to monitor the health of your loved ones, protected and encrypted at the highest levels of security

Movement mapping

Indoor and outdoor tracking of the monitored person, elaboration of the pre-alarm and alarm states together with the processing of the position with sub metrical accuracy.

Vital functions revelation

Implementation of the sophisticated "vitality sensor". In practice it is the creation of an "array" of sensors distributed in the home connected through a WSN (Wireless Sensors Network) that sends the data to a sophisticated analysis platform based on neural network.

Monitoring habits

Thanks to the use of proprietary algorithms, the data deriving from the "vitality sensor" allow the system to self-learn the profiles of the monitored person's habits. This algorithm provides for the possibility of extracting indicators of global or specific activities related to the typical way of life of an elderly person.

Video control

It is possible to associate the system with latest-generation video cameras able to identify the status of the people monitored through facial analysis. The cameras interface with the wireless network via the standard zigbee 3.0 protocol


The monitoring system designed by SENIOR responds specifically to the challenge of demographic change, identified as an exogenous factor of fundamental importance by national and regional institutions. In particular, the "Health and well-being" area is the ideal terrain for the use of this system. SENIOR operates with an approach aimed at the well-being of society and the centrality of the person, with the objective of satisfying the needs of the end-users.


The "vitality sensor" and the data processing system via neural network (which uses proprietary algorithms) is halfway between the New Medical Devices and the Telemedicine. In this case, in fact, the system allows to reduce the costs related to the monitoring of people's health, falling within the widest range of innovative devices that constitute diagnostic and / or therapeutic aids to promote human well-being.


Compared to the needs and the long times of a structural change in public health, SENIOR has a much more limited objective but can be pursued immediately: organizing a system of support for the elderly around new technological constructs that can give concrete answers and smooth some critical aspects of the welfare activities organized today. This all due to the use of the "vitality sensor" and to the processing of data via the neural network.

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