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Senior S.r.l. is an innovative startup founded in 2016 with the main goal of creating high-tech products and services. Senior has distinguished itself in these last years for creating highly innovative products in the fi eld of sensor systems, implementing solutions that can be applied in different contexts. In addition, Senior takes care of inspections, controls and field installations by specialised personnel.


Senior has developed an innovative electronic nose called MASTERSENSE. MASTERSENSE is able to detect different families of volatile compounds released by food through an array of four MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors. The combination of the output values of the four sensors in the array determines which of the three classes of freshness the samples belongs to. The final objective is to classify meat and fish samples into three classes according to freshness: unspoiled, acceptable and spoiled.

Smart Sensors

Senior is currently developing systems for the alimentary sector, using portable devices equipped with biochemical sensors. These instruments are able to obtain information on the type and concentration of chemical compounds present in a given sample. Data collected by the various biochemical sensors are processed through the implementation of proprietary algorithms, using advanced methods such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Our algorithms enable the digitalization of the sense of smell though cloud platforms, apps, and software.


Senior has developed SafeWork, a service that helps to assess the state of safety in the workplace. The system makes it possible to: check whether safety regulations are being applied, report any non-compliance, raise awareness of the implementation of existing regulations, monitor companies' commitment to compliance. With a dedicated application, the auditor will carry out the check quickly, initially compiling the detection report, then the Risk Assessment report if non-conformities are found, and finally documenting everything by attaching photos.

Senior TEAM

Our specialised personnel present themselves in short videos...


Ivan ensures the development of global strategic partnerships and customer relationships to meet Senior’s long term vision for the potential of digital olfaction. Prior to founding Senior, Ivan was the founder and CEO of Allix which specializes in the development of IIOT (industrial Internet of things) solutions. Ivan brings to the Senior Team over 25 years of experience in the microelectronics and software industry.


I'm Alice and I'm part of the Senior team as a project manager. After a university course dedicated to humanistic studies, I became passionate about project management and team management. So, I attended different training courses for this role and once I arrived in Senior, I was able to put my skills at the service of this company. Our team here is composed of people with expertise in different fields, ranging from IT to chemistry, from software development to mathematics. So, my job is to try to help them combine their different skills in order to create innovative products and I’m trying to make their job as easy as possible by solving any problems that may arise during the course of the projects. I’m also in charge of managing our Help Desk Team, and I deal with our customers’ requests directly, so I’m always ready to help them with any issue that they may have.


I’m Cecilia and I’m part of Senior R&D team as a biotechnologist. I have a biology background, as I hold a bachelor of science in biology and a master of science in industrial biotechnology. For this project, I had the task of researching and studying sensors, specifically MOS sensors, capable of detecting a certain family of chemical compounds, to use them in the Mastersense, our electronic nose. The working principle of this kind of sensors is based on the variation of conductivity due to chemical reactions between the sensitive layer of the sensor and gaseous molecules. They are electrochemical sensors, non-specific sensors and provide a short response time, are robust and durable, and have good resistance to corrosion and moisture. I have a strong bias towards solutions that are environmentally sustainable, which is why I am now researching new approaches and methods that will make our products match up better with the circular economy principles.


I'm Andrea Gabusi, I’ve been involved in programming for about 20 years in the Microsoft environment. Currently, in the Senior team, I develop apps based on machine learning and vector graphics. For my latest work for example, I have developed an app that allows indoor navigation in hospitals.


I'm Andrea Corradi, I am a chief technician for industrial computer science and I have always had a passion for the digital world and programming. I am part of the Senior team as a firmware and software developer, I have been working for over 10 years in this sector and I have acquired particular experience in the use of Microsoft environment and on different families of microprocessors, such as ST, NXP, Nordic, and so on. In recent years I have been following projects involving wireless networks infrastructures. I have developed Bluetooth and Zigbee solutions for Smart Lighting, Smart Cities and the Industry 4.0. The goal is to optimize and innovate services for people thanks to the use of new technologies of communication, mobility, environment and energy efficiency in order to improve the quality of life.


My name is Majlinda, I’ve developed skills in data analysis thanks to my degrees in Mathematics and Economics and during my following professional experiences. I am part of the Senior team and I deal with research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. My work gives me the opportunity to approach the most innovative technologies and to constantly deepen my knowledge. The opportunity to learn and put into practice new techniques is certainly the thing that I find most stimulating, because it is what allows me to have new points of view, nourishes my wealth of knowledge and my professional growth. Together with our team, I carry out studies, analyses and insights into the state of the art for our Mastersense project.


Senior aims to automate a whole series of processes for controlling and monitoring the safety of people, in a variety of fields, with particular regard to food safety and safety in the workplace.


Senior is aimed at companies dealing with safety at work and at companies that want to check the freshness and edibility levels of food that will end up on the table of ordinary people


Senior aims at improving the safety and quality of food products and at promoting the development of sustainable and competitive bio-industries. The current reference context is constituted by the total lack of instrumentation capable of certifying in just a few seconds, with scientific and instrumental data, the state of freshness, and therefore safety, of food products.


CES 2023


Senior Srl introduces the Gulftwin project, an innovative tool for the Blue Economy. The project involved the creation of a digital twin of the Gulf of Naples, integrated with a virtual assistant and algorithms for optimizing simulations and supporting autonomous navigation. This digital model will have multiple uses, from meteorological and oceanographic forecasting and navigation support to the promotion of sustainable land development and climate change impact assessment. Powered by generative AI and machine learning algorithms, the virtual assistant Shelley, in the form of a dolphin, will be the point of contact with users, providing immediate and personalized assistance.

CES 2023

NVIDIA Inception

Senior Srl, thanks to participation in the NVIDIA Inception program, has received 100.000$ credits from Amazon Web Services to spend over the next 12 months on cloud services. NVIDIA Inception, which has more than 4,200 members worldwide, is designed for startups pushing advances in AI and data science.
>>NVIDIA Inception<<

CES 2023


VIRTUAL HOSPITALITY SOLUTION is a new and innovative system for welcoming tourists using artificial intelligence and virtual reality. A new experience for the tourism sector, never before projected into the future.

CES 2023


From January 9 to 12, 2024 Senior will be present in collaboration with the startup Travel Verse at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Travel Verse, which combines the world of gaming with tourism and marketing, will showcase Winter Games, a video game tribute to the upcoming 2026 Winter Olympics that will be held in Milan-Cortina. In the game, accompanied by a metahuman based on LLM-AI, users will be able to explore sites such as the Duomo and Castello Sforzesco of Milan, and become athletes by trying out sports such as skiing and ice skating. Come visit us at Booth #62000!
>>CES 2024<<



Senior is pleased to announce that it is officially a PlayStation partner. In the coming days, Senior will have access to a range of applications that will allow it to develop and publish PlayStation products.

CES 2023


From 5th to 8th January 2023, for the second year in a row, Senior took part in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the world’s largest technology event. This edition featured over 3100 exhibitors and more than 115,000 attendees, exceeding the organizers’ expectations. From the CES stage, Senior showcased several Virtual Reality apps: Digital Nose, a suite that transports odors from the real world to the metaverse; Shelfmate 2.0 (Blockfoodchain), an e-commerce app developed in Unreal Engine 5 based on blockchain technology applied to the agri-food field; Digital Kid, an educational videogame based on our electronic nose Mastersense.
>>CES 2023 - SENIOR<<



Senior has been admitted to the 3rd edition of the Global Start Up Program, an integrated development path abroad reserved for 100 Italian innovative startups engaged in the development of product or service innovations and intent on tackling new markets. The initiative, promoted by ICE Agency, consists of the involvement of startups in training sessions, mentoring activities, pitching sessions, meetings with potential investors and corporate, to be held at a foreign incubator. Senior, after its recent participation in Expo Dubai 2020, has been selected for the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai-based AstroLabs incubator.

SMAU - Italy RestartsUp

IFA 2022

From the 2nd to the 6th of September, Senior will participate in IFA, the world’s most important technology marketplace. The event is sponsored by ICE Agency and will take place in Berlin, offering a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracting the attention of visitors form more than 130 countries. IFA is the main meeting place for major retailers, buyers, industry experts and media. For the occasion, Senior will present apps for Meta Quest 2 dedicated to the world of Virtual Reality developed with Unity3D and will offer a glimpse of future implementations made with Unreal Engine 5.
>>IFA 2022<<

SMAU - Italy RestartsUp

SMAU - Italy RestartsUp

On May 26th 2022 Senior will be one of the participants at SMAU | Italy RestartsUp in London. The event aims to promote the best Italian innovative startups in the UK market and in particular in the Londoner Hub. During the event, organized with the collaboration of ICE, our new applications aimed at the metaverse will be shown to investors, entrepreneurs, and incubators.

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